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Brilliant basics objectives

To support our progressive 10-year vision, we need strong foundations; these will be built over the next three years through our brilliant basics strategy.

This is what connects #teammagna, the catalyst for change.

It will build our organisational capability so that we emerge with a transformed operating model, fit to serve our customers communities and colleagues. It has nine core objectives and nine core outcomes.

We will deliver our brilliant basics strategy through The Magna Way (#themagnaway). This is our culture, it’s what we want to be recognised and admired for, both in what we do ‘creating great homes together’ and how we do it, through our values, ethics, and behaviours.

We'll be the place where talented and ambitious people choose to come and work; our modern workplaces will support the ambitions of our colleagues and our business.

Everyone in #teammagna will have the right tools, systems, data and digital solutions to enable them to be great at what they do. We will use a common language, be curious in our work and will exceed expectations in driving positive changes as part of The Magna Way.

It will be easy and enjoyable to learn, share knowledge and collaborate, everyone in #teammagna will be empowered to contribute to the ongoing development of the business and our customer experience.

Our organisational capability will be customer-centred with our very best colleagues working closest to our customers out and about within our community teams, supported by our modern, efficient and easy to access customer hub. We'll use our size and scale to influence and improve our service proposition so that we are recognised as beyond the best for our customer experience. We will work within our communities in #themagnaway showing that we are small enough to care but large enough to influence with the passion, skills, business performance and results required to create great places where people choose to live.

Aspire Transformation Programme

Our Aspire Transformation Programme will continue to deliver the change and transformation we are looking to achieve; it is the vehicle that will deliver our new way of working so we can achieve the objectives and outcomes of the brilliant basics strategy.

Our focus is to construct a great organisation delivered through increased and improved organisational capability which will nurture and grow resilience and performance under each strategic priority. We will make sure that our operating model keeps us fit and relevant for our customers, colleagues, partners and communities through the right people, processes, technology and innovation.

Our strategic priorities

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