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Our operating environment

Over the past year, we’ve learned a lot about ourselves and how effectively we can respond to rapid change.

We’ve been developing new ways of working that make us a stronger, more progressive business within the sector and the region.

Learning from our customers

We are also taking a great deal of learning from the findings of the Grenfell tragedy, and the need for us to listen and respond to customers’ views, and to gain and sustain their trust in the services we provide as their landlord. We will also assess our existing homes and services in the light of fire and building safety legislation to ensure that investment is prioritised to improve the safety of our homes.

Improving our standards

We have taken into account growing concerns about the environment and our need to consider much more robust carbon reduction measures and we have made these at the heart of our future investment. We also have an important part to play in meeting the government’s target of net-zero emissions by 2050. As well as our commitment to building more sustainable homes that meet or exceed the requirements of the planned Future Home Standard in 2025, we are also drawing up plans to retrofit our existing properties with greener components.

We know that decent housing is a significant factor in improving the lives of local people. Working with our local partners in health and wellbeing is an opportunity to improve outcomes for local people, particularly through promoting equality and better service integration.

Our local community

In our region, as in many other parts of the UK, many people are unable to afford to buy or rent good quality homes in places where they want to live. We are committed to contributing to local priorities, as well as supporting the government’s national affordable homes target.

We face a dynamic future, but our strategy clearly sets out how we will respond to the challenges our evolving world presents and so we can deliver relevant customer-centric solutions.

Our strategic priorities

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