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Customer experience

Our vision of creating great homes together puts customers at the heart of our work. We know that our customers are the reason we exist, and that’s why they are a key focus for our three-year brilliant basics strategy.

Our customers are

  • People who rent a home from us

  • People who buy homes from us

  • People who live in our sheltered homes

  • People who receive specialist support services

  • People we work within our local communities

Customer-focused business

Our promise is that we offer homes to be proud of with a choice of facilities and customer services that are tailored to individuals as their lives change – and our strategy shows how we’ll be delivering this.

As we modernise and become a true customer focussed business, we will develop our traditional landlord/tenant relationship into a partnership based on trust and respect.

We are redesigning every service we currently offer to ensure they match our ambition for our customers and to make sure they deliver value and quality, and to make sure we can continue to deliver this in the long term. We’ll be delivering this through our Aspire Transformation Programme.

We’re also investing in our workforce to make sure that the importance of great customer service runs through all our teams, whatever their role. To build trusted relationships with all our customers we’ll be working together to make sure that we get this right.

Easy to deal with

We know that our customers want us to be easy to deal with. So we’ll be developing our role in our communities so we’re closer to our customers. And we’ll have a single point of contact delivering an excellent customer experience, first time, for our customers. We’ll also be working with partners to join up our services to make sure they align and work best for our communities.

Those who prefer to self-serve, we’re developing online services to help customers to manage their home and other related services. We’re linking this to a new digital app to help customers to join up all their Magna activities.

And for those customers who don’t have access, the skills or the desire to get online or self-serve, we’re taking steps to make sure they still receive the same great service from us, and we’ll find ways to support them to use this technology so they can take advantage if they want to.

A focus on quality and safety

We’re investing in the quality of our homes, with a new Magna home and community standard. This will focus on the quality of our homes, communal areas and estates, and makes sure that they are built, managed and maintained to a consistently high standard. We’ll be developing this with our customers so we’ll know what’s important.

We’re also prioritising safety – for our customers, our colleagues and anyone who works with us. Making sure our homes and our estates are safe is an important part of creating great places where people choose to live. We’re adopting a safety-first approach across the business and will be increasing investment in our homes to deliver this.

A strong customer voice

We know how important it is to hear from, and act on, the views and suggestions of our customers. We’re making it easy to get involved and to share experiences so we can improve our services based on real customer insight and feedback.

We’ve adopted the National Housing Federation’s Together with Tenants Charter which sets out the standards we’ll be working to and how we want to be accountable to our customers. By signing up to this we’ve made a commitment to working with customers to:

  • Reinvigorate customer engagement;
  • Be transparent about what customers can expect from us;
  • Work with customers to put in place ways to check we are delivering what we say we will;
  • Support customers to hold us to account;
  • And be open to the challenges that all of this brings.

We’re also making sure that we make it’s easy to let us know when things don’t go so well. We know we can learn so much from this and our complaints and this will be an important part of how we learn and make our services better. We’re reviewing our approach to complaints, based on feedback and views from our customers.

Customer profile

We know we’re moving in the right direction because we’ve used our data listened to our customers and developed our strategy to meet current and future needs.

We’ll use information we have through our day-to-day customer contact, as well as through specific targeted surveys and engagement activities, to provide us with more detail about our customers and how we can serve them better, now and in the future.

We’ll understand our customers’ individual needs, preferences and history so we can offer a personalised and consistent customer experience whenever and however, customers contact us.

We’ll have services that are tailored to individuals as their lives change, such as access to digital services or enhanced services for customers with disabilities or complex needs.

Having a clear picture of all our customers will also help us target our communication and engagement activities, using the right channels and right messages to keep our customers interested and involved in our activities.

Improving satisfaction

We’re passionate about improving customer satisfaction, whatever their interaction with us.

We know that the experience our customers have with us has a big impact on satisfaction, including the range, quality, cost, speed and reliability of services, and the helpfulness and competence of our colleagues. So we’ll be investing in this to make sure that we’ve got all the right skills and approach to support an excellent customer experience and to deliver high levels of satisfaction.

This graphic shows the current (2021) levels of satisfaction that have influenced our strategy.

Measuring our success

We've ambitious plans and we need to be able to measure our success and understand how we are improving both our customer experience and our services.

We’ll be measuring performance based on our agreed objectives and we’ll have more timely and effective reporting so we can be more aware of how we are doing and make changes quickly based on customer feedback.

Our customer service standards show clearly what levels of service our customers can expect. This will important to improve and maintain high levels of satisfaction with our services and to show our customers how we’re doing.

Our strategic priorities

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