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Supply and investment

We need to invest in our homes and our future developments to deliver our vision of creating great homes together, for new or existing customers, whether they are buying or renting homes from us.

We’ll be making sure our homes are future-focused, healthy, safe, affordable by design and make us the local trusted landlord and developer.

By understanding what matters to customers, we’ll improve satisfaction with our homes and estates and will attract new customers. This is key to the delivery of strategy to make sure we have the right homes, in the right place.

We’ve already demonstrated an innovative approach through the modern methods of construction programme for our new homes. This will continue throughout all our supply and investment activities. We’re looking at new technologies to improve efficiency and alternative procurement arrangements to help deliver our environmental ambitions.

We’re also using best practice developed by and for the construction industry to make sure that we get the benefits from our investments and that we look at the wider impact of our developments on our customers and our communities. You can see the tools we are using by clicking on the link.

You can also click here to see our full supply and investment strategy.

Investing in our homes

Our modernised Magna standard will cover our current and new homes and our communities. This will make sure that we have clear standards for all homes which have been informed by our customers, and by our extensive industry knowledge. It will ensure that our homes and estates are built, managed and maintained to a consistent standard and will also help clarify what we build, how we maintain and invest in our homes.

We’ll be supporting our customers to reduce their fuel bills, and to reduce energy consumption on utilities by retendering to suppliers with improved environmental credentials.

We’ll be spending £100m over the next 30 years to improve the sustainability of our stock and setting an energy/environmental standard, against which all our current homes will be measured. We’ll be targeting our investment in retrofit, remodelling and regeneration and, potentially, disposal of some of our properties if we can’t meet our standard.

Our planned maintenance programmes will be focused on areas where environmental improvements can be maximised for our customers including loft and cavity wall insulation and heating upgrades.

Caring about where you live

Our new Magna standard will also make sure that we have a really high standard for our estate. We know that the areas around our homes are just as important as the homes themselves and we want to make sure that we have communities that people are proud of.

We’ll be investing in our communities to make sure they are safe, look good and help to create great places to live.

On the rare occasions when we see fly-tipping we’ll be making sure we put in place ways to avoid this and to support our customers to manage and report it effectively.

Protecting the environment

We’re taking our environmental responsibility seriously and want to make a positive difference to our local environment and, importantly, to our customers.

We’re already delivering on the national future homes standards for our new properties, but we recognise that the challenges of wider environmental sustainability are huge. We’ll be improving the energy efficiency of our existing homes and move to electric solutions for our new homes.

We’ll also be improving the energy efficiency of lighting in common areas for our customers so we can reduce our environmental impact and our service charge.

We want to ensure that we maximise opportunities to support carbon reduction such as rewilding certain common areas, improving landscaping and tree management arrangements.

Investing in our new homes

We’ll be building 2,000 affordable new homes over the next three years to rent and buy. We’ve been leading the way in modern methods of construction and using this means we’ll be able to build and fit-out new homes quicker; they’ll also be more efficient, cheaper to run and easier to maintain.

We will grow our estate by making the best use of land and property we already have and invest in new land where it delivers the right homes, to the right quality in the right place.

Our design guides will redefine the Magna Standard for our homes and estates that are ‘plug and play ready’ for future low carbon innovation in and around the home.

We will use the latest in 3D and VR alongside face to face working to connect ourselves right in the heart of our communities. To identify the land they want to be developed and to help individuals and communities to visualise and tailor our new homes offer to develop the right homes for them.

We’ll be looking at housing need in its broadest context, delivering the mix of tenure that will include sub-market and market homes that give the right balance of homes for that community, whilst always remaining focused on our core activity of social rent levels and shared ownership within any scheme.

Keeping our customers safe

Building safety and the safety of our customers is central to our strategy. And to get this right, our approach will be to make sure we have good quality data that helps us to understand our homes and to develop a strong relationship with our customers – providing them with clear information around safety in their blocks and estates.

We're developing a range of new safety standards with customers which will explain what we will do to keep our homes “always safe”. These will cover all the main compliance activities, such as fire safety, gas, electrical work, asbestos management, lifts and legionella.

Our new fire safety standard will outline how we'll be doing more frequent, more detailed fire risk assessments, completing regular checks of our fire doors in blocks of flats and keeping customers informed about the progress of any safety work.

Over the next three years, we'll be investing an additional £750,000 on building safety. This will, for example, include checking and replacing fire doors in flats and improving fire compartmentation.

Aligning to local and national priorities

We are committed to addressing the housing crisis and aligning our developments to the local plans where we operate.

We have seen affordability getting worse and worse for far too long. We will use our resources to collaborate with others to make changes in the land, construction and funding systems to ensure we play our part in creating more of the right homes to meet the demands of customers.

Whether we are looking at our existing estates for regeneration or looking at our new homes and estates, we’ll be reshaping our relationships with our supply chains so we can access the right labour, materials and expertise and innovation to deliver our ambitions in this strategy.

Smarter homes

As technology evolves and systems adapt we will remain at the forefront in how we maintain and develop homes, on and off-site. The way we deliver will be through automating what can be, bringing assistive technologies into homes – supporting and enabling everyone who lives in a Magna home to spend more time focussing on the things that really matter to them.

It’s important that we keep track of our progress and key milestones to understand how successful our approach is. The key measures and milestones we will adopt for the initial phase of the plan are being developed but will focus on customer experience and perceptions as well as on other more technical targets.

Our strategic priorities

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